The Visionary Progress Engine™

The Visionary Progress Engine™ helps visionary business leaders transform their ideas into real-world results throughout their company.

Through the use of a proprietary set of processes and strategies, we work with every level of your organisation to install and improve the systems required to translate your visionary ideas into a consistent and predictable flow of real-world results.

Our work directly with the Visionary provides focus, clarity and simplification of your vision which is then “translated” and communicated to each part of your team in a way that creates consistent progress forward.

The Visionary Progress Engine™ removes the obstacles that have been keeping you from moving forward towards your goals. If you are a visionary who has been frustrated by a lack of progress, this is the way to change that.

The Visionary Progress Engine™ generally involves a 6-12 month engagement and fees between £25k-£50k.


How to apply...

Due to the intensive nature of this work, clients are accepted by application only.

The first stage of the process is to undergo a Visionary Logistics Health-Check.

When your health-check is complete, if I believe I am able to help you, and am, indeed, the best person to help you, I will invite you to apply for the Visionary Progress Engine™.