Every time someone does business with us, something great happens in the world.

When you work with Visionary Logistics we ensure that those less fortunate than us are given help and support.

With your help, we have funded 810 nights of shelter for homeless children in Vietnam.


We acknowledge our privileged position in the world, and while we’re helping business owners with their ‘first world problems’, there are some very basic challenges facing people who are less fortunate.

Therefore, every time we do business, we give back.


We’ve teamed up with B1G1 who help businesses to create impacts around the world based on actions within their business. Essentially when you ‘buy one’ of something, we ‘give one’ of something else.

And even better, because B1G1 has a membership model that is paid separately from any giving, 100% of the donations go straight to their designated projects.


In line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, we have chosen to focus on the following:

Currently, we are supporting Shelter for Homeless Children in Vietnam and to date have funded 810 nights of shelter through the Blue Dragon foundation.

Each month, we fund 30 nights of shelter for every client that works with us.

Our clients get a month of help and support in their business, and a child in Vietnam gets a month of support, shelter and safety.