A Necessary Force In A Visionary's World

Hi, I’m Stuart Carter and I’ve been work­ing closely with vision­aries for more than a decade. I have always been incredi­bly envi­ous of their abil­ity to dream up the imposs­ible, and equally frust­rated (for them) that they so often fail to get true trac­tion on their amaz­ing ideas.

I realised that my unique skill-set makes me the perfect part­ner to a Visionary…

I thrive on clarity, simpl­icity, account­ability, effi­ciency… in fact every­thing the Vision­ary needs to bring their ideas to fruition in the real world.

You know as well as I do that a Visionary is not a ‘normal person’. They have optimism, they thrive on chaos, they have just enough delusion to ignore the obstacles in their way and really make a difference in the world. But they’re not always so good at following through, at getting things completed…

In fact, the two phrases I most often hear from Vision­aries are “I can see no reason why…” and “It’s 90% finished”.

Well, I’m here to see those obstacles (often before they show up) and help find a way around them. I also help you to get stuff finished so your vision can be out there serving the world.

While many people can say they have those skills, I’m also in the unique posi­tion of having grown up with an ‘extreme Vision­ary’ brother and so I have a strong under­standing and, dare I say love, for all things Vision­ary… I love that chaos, I love that delusion and over­optimism. I love everything that makes a Vision­ary the uniquely gifted person they are.

In short, I thrive on the stuff that would send your aver­age COO run­ning for the hills.

Always on the move, seeking new exper­iences, I don’t like to stick around too long any­where and there­fore work best on a six- to twelve-month appoint­ment. In that time I get your busi­ness into a strong, stable and predict­able position.

Then I help you to find and hire a COO to run the systems we’ve devel­oped together.

I once asked a friend what my “unique abil­ity” was, and he said “To uni­cycle, juggle and drink beer all at the same time!”

I no longer ride a uni­cycle, juggle or drink beer. But what I do do is to bring that dedi­cation, skill and plate-spinning ability into your organ­isation so that you can finally get the results you deserve…

Founder of Visionary Logistics